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Rants: Rap and Rappers

Drake, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa. The one thing they’ve got in common, they’re all rappers. The make hit songs about getting laid, doing drugs, skipping school, and practically becoming a gang thug. But lots of teens absolutely love them. I have no idea why though because they’re just teaching you how to not get a job and be homeless when you’re older. But you know, “our generation” is one of the craziest isn’t it? But what really gets on my nerves is how they take a phrase from one of the songs and its all teens they talk about. Good examples are:

- “YOLO” (You only live once) – Drake
- “YMCMB” (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires) – Tyga
- “Cray” or “That Sh** Cray” (Crazy) – Kayne West
- “Leggo” (Let’s go) – Trey Songz

As you can see above, these terms are definitely not in the english dictionary and most likely people with no class use these words. But of course, a lot of people look up to these rappers so let’s say drake starts singing about YOLO, people are going to start use the term and over-exaggerate it. Another thing that is very annoying about rap is that all they enjoy talking about is how they have a skank on their lap, their smoking tons of illegal drugs all the time and how they enjoy vandalizing cities. Way to set the example mister. And people wonder why 22 million americans use illegal drugs and how 1 in 5 teens uses drugs. They also wonder why we had a highschool dropout rate of 25% in 2008-2009. Where are the 25% of high schoolers going? Getting a job at McDonalds? Buying and selling illegal drugs? Obtaining guns and using them against other citizens?

So, rap is obviously not helping america right now. So if you’re a parent make sure your kid isn’t always listening to it. And if your a kid, please save your brain cells for school.

- Cavallo