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Judgemental Teachers

So we all have those 1-2 teachers that always judge you no matter what, right? They don’t believe you, they constantly blame every issue of their lives on you, and they always believe you’re the culprit. See, I have a theory for these types of teachers. I mean come on, they’re must be some reason out there why they act so grumpy towards you right?

Well, I’m going to take a teacher from personal experience as an example. Lets call this teacher “X”. Well, teacher X has many problems outside of their job. Debt, trying to pursue another career, and others. Because of all the anger her other dreams are causing, she feels the need to channel it out to us. This means constant complaining of her life, and getting nothing done in her class. Now don’t get me wrong, we do get things done it just depends on the class. Certain classes of her are complete wrecks because the students don’t care at all, others like mine are lots of fun. So in this case, outside forces are causing disruptions.

Now this teacher I haven’t really found a solution to why he constantly mean. We will call him “Z”. This teacher is talked about by most students in the school. His monotone voice causes students to be extremely bored and his way of teaching makes us all want to slap him. This is the second year I have had him and let me tell you, I dread stepping into his class everyday. Last week, we were completing a packet and I finished mine first. Being a good student, I didn’t start to talk to my peers. I simply took out a book and started to read. Less than 5 minutes later, he suddenly appeared in front of my desk questioning my work. He then proceeded to flip through the packet and point out everyone of my mistakes. You see, I worked very hard on this, and of course I’m human, I make mistakes. But at the rate he was pointing out the mistakes, it was like you just handed an AP Calculas study packet to a 5 year old. And they started to color in it. Then, he took my book and made me redo the whole packet. I don’t know if he acts like this with all his students but I’m pretty sure he hates me. I have discretely talked to my other teachers about him and they say that all he has is very high expectations for me, and that’s why he is grumpy. I’m not sure about that though. Occasionally, he can be very nice. One time, we had a very intruiging conversation about the school system in my county.

Most teachers like these exist in many schools. Of course they have to because it’s they way schools work. You have your mean teachers, the teachers everyone loves, boring teachers, and fun teachers. Although you may want to throw the teacher out of a window, try seeing things from their point of view. THey may be one of your favorite teachers one day.