Romney vs. Obama- The Real Truth

2 weeks ago. we had our first presidential debate. Romney won. Both of them messed up, and both had pretty good arguments. I’m here to show you both sides of the debate, unlike CNN,Bloomberg, and Fox. Those news channels are biased.

Romney Pros:
- Sorry, there are none. :)

Obama Pros:
- Healthcare for everyone! Not just the rich.
- Stopping the afghan war!

Romney Cons:
- Well, about everything is a con about him BUt I’ll list it for you.
- Cut planned parenthood. That’s saying if your a single parent, good luck having a home!.
- Make Abortion illegal even in the case of rape and incest. That’s saying you can rape a 13 yr old child and they have to keep the kid, ruin there lives, and be bullied at school.
- Raise Healthcare prices on middle-class families. That’s saying, he doesn’t care about 47% of the country and he only wants the rich, and elite like him to have healthcare.

Obama Cons:
- Sorry, can’t think of any. :D

That’s my point of view in this crazy mess. But I want yours! Comment in 75 characters or less about how you feel about Romney, Obama or both!

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