How to Use/Set Up Google Adsense

Buenos Noches to the Peoples of the Internet!
On my Yahoo! Answers account I have answered a couple of questions including Google Adsense.
I decided to write a blog about it! I have Google Adsense, too! Well, from what information I know you CANNOT use Google Adsense on website.
In order to do that you must have your own domain and then if you have a wordpress template you can use Adsense.
So, for the process of actually getting a Google Adsense is first only get it if you get good traffic. Whats the point of having ads if no one clicks on them?
Well you then have to submit your website to Google Adsense.
If you go to that link up there, that is where you can start the Google Adsense process. You basically fill out a form with your information
(name,age…) After that you what for the Google Adsense people and then you get a email for approval.
So say you get approved, you now have a Google Adsense account!

But how to start using it…. is a whole other process. Which I will explain below!
Well now you get to make ads! not actually make them you get what I mean right… well hopefully? :)
So you get to choose:
1) Text Ads
2) Text and Image/Rich Ads
3) Image/Rich Ads
When it means with these different types of ads are what types you want to come on your website.
You also get to choose if you want only a certain websites ads on your site.
So now you have saved your ad but how do you put them on your website.
When you save the ad you will get a code. In most websites you can enter the code into your HTML coding.
I don’t know how to do it on blogger but I know for wordpress!
(Well obviously I do because I have the wordpress template!) Okay so there are numerous plugins you can download but I prefer another way.
What I do is I add a new text widget to the sidebar and I simply copy and paste the code in. It usually take mine to load from 15 to 30 minutes to load but Google says it should take a few hours to a couple of days. After that whenever someone clicks on a AD you get some cash. From what I have had the ads have given me 5 cents to $2.00.
If you want to know what some ads will look like look at my website because I have Google Adsense. Also, you may have only 3 separate ad spots on each page. :)

Well, I hope I have helped everyone with their Google Adsense needs!

- Cavallo

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