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I <3 All Things Horse!

Hey everyone!
Saturday is my favorite day ever!!! You wanna know why? Well, you kind of dont have a choice, hahaha.
I AM GOING TO RIDE A HORSE!! AHHH! I love horses, best animals ever! I do intermediate jumping.
But you wanna know the best part… I might get to ride the best horse in the whole wide world!
ROXY!! She is a former racehorse but she retired. I don’t know her show name though… :(
Anyway, I ride at Potomac Horse Center (I will put the link below). It is really fun there!
Lastly, the fan pages are all ready now! Come on, start liking and adding to your circles now!

I have questions!
- Do you ride horses? If yes, what do you do? (jump,dressage…)
- What is your favorite type of horse?

- Cavallo

The link is here!

Music and Books and all that fun stuff :)

Hey everyone!
I <3 music and I think everyone does too! So what is your favorite song and artist?
Mine is probably right now (it changes every week) is Set fire to the rain and rumour has it both by Adele.
So BOOK TIME! As you guys know, wait you don’t know anything! Hahaha anyway. I love to read books!
It is my favorite hobby ever!!! I was reading one of my favorite books today for like the 3rd time, The Scorch Trials.

So, these are my questions for you to answer in the comments:
- What is your favorite song right now?
- Who is your favorite singer,musician?
- What is the name of your favorite book?
- Who is your favorite author?

- Cavallo

P.S. Do not forget to answer my questions below in the comments!

Studying for the Midterm exams!

Hey! Like I mentioned a couple blogs ago, I have my midterm exams. I am so excited and all but,… I need a good way to study. So, I am asking all you guys out there, how do you study?

I have:
- English (cannot really study for this)
- Spanish (my first year, have flashcards already but I need more)
- Science (explains itself)
- World Studies (first exam I have its about Rome, Greece, and all around that stuff)

Thanks for everything!

- Cavallo