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Half Time show and the Ads at the Super Bowl

After all this talking about the Super Bowl what abut the real show?
As commenter, Aldebaran said what about the half time show and the superior Ads!?!
So I will be discussing that topic.
First of with the Half Time Show: MADONNA ROCKED THAT SHOW! She performed very well and even had some guest stars.
Nicki Minaj, M.I.A sang with her in her new song Give me luvin. Apparently, M.I.A flashed the finger. I mean who cares? Half the viewers didn’t even know about it til everyone starting talking about it and it was on the news. Someone is a little immature. (yea, I am talking about you!) Haha. They even had LMFAO and Cee Lo Green appear. Yea! Redfoo rocks!!
Okay now the ADS! Now, everyone knows the best three things about the Super Bowl
2) The actual game
3) the food!

So, I think NBC had the top 5 commercials for the super bowl. Well I am gonna do that too!
1) The M&M Commercial. Hilarious! The M&M company is advertising the new brown shelled candy! Hehe!
2) The Weight Dog. This commercial shows a fat dog that starts to ‘work’ out and its very funny.
3) The Doritos Dog. Haha! This is a true original with a dog that is hiding a secret and bribes his owner with some Doritos.
4) The Doritos Baby. Another original by Doritos! The Grandma launches the baby and bam he grabs the doritos! Oh! So funny!!
5) The Grad Car! A newly graduated boy thinks his parents got him a cool car but they didn’t….

Well that was my side of the story! Haha come back for more!

- Cavallo

How About Some New Supreme Judges?

I was thinking about this today and I decided to blog about it.
So as most of us know, supreme court judges are appointed and will stay supreme court judges
until they die (or retire). Well, I say NO! I think the judges should have terms because we need knew fresh judges.
I mean they are SUPER judge mental, and we need the new generation to come in. OH YEAH!

So, comment and leave your opinions on all of this! Also, tell me what else to blog about!

- Cavallo

All Those Dieting People Out There, Listen Up!

Hey! Cavallo is in the house!

So, today I am hitting a big topic, dieting. So, I know so many people who complain, whine, and drag about being fat and getting on a new diet. Well, you want to know why people don’t succeed? Because of all this McDonalds, and lying dieting. I mean while people complain about being fat, and chomping on their double big mac,and chewing on their large fries with BBQ sauce. They are wasting time while they could be eating a healthy sandwich or working out! COME ON! If you really want to be skinny and healthy put some time into it, commit!

Wow, well I hit that well! But I hope I did not offend anyone. I was solely giving my opinion.

- Cavallo